Uber/Lyft at SFO with NO wait and NO hassle

Life is too short to wait curbside

Automated Dispatch

You walk to the curb at SFO and your selected ride will be there for you


We track your flight and estimate your arrival at the curb and have your ride waiting there for you on-time.


  • No more waiting at the curbside 
  • No guesstimating on when to order your ride after you land at SFO
  • No more hassles in spotting your ride amongst all the cars and drivers 
  • No self-service. It's auto-service with auto-dispatch 
  • Most importantly, No extra cost to you! 

You choose which ride service and we make it happen

We can work with both Uber and Lyft.

Uber or Lyft?

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Thanks to all our anonymous sponsors who are funding this trial run. You don't have to pay anything and we don't have to nickel-n-dime you. Stay tuned to know more about them.

Real Human

Go Human! 



Greeted at the curbside by a human, who has your ride waiting for you.



Hmm... How do we do it all?

  1. 1)  You share your flight arrival details along with your preferred ride. You can email, text or message us on any social media or even use 1800 number to call us.‚Äč
  2. 2)  Once you land at SFO, you start walking towards the curb. You will receive a message welcoming you to SFO along with estimated fare details for different ride types that you can choose.
  3. 3) Before you reach  the curb, the door number at which you can meet your ride is texted to you. We use sensors on your smartphone to dispatch your ride at the right time and door closer to you. Don't thank us. Thank the technology. If we, mess up, your ride is free on us.


Your flight details have been shared, so just walk to the gate/door and a person will be there to welcome you and show you to your ride. (If you work at SFO, contact us to know if which airline company managers are working with us to offer you a NO-wait ride.)

Walk to the curbside when you ready!  Don't forget your baggage or delay using restrooms. We will automatically sense your required change in pickup times. Rideshare pickups are at the departure level (upstairs) in SFO.

Walk to the gate/door messaged (texted) to you.  If you need more time, you don't have to do anything. Our system automatically reschedule you to the next available ride.

Congratulations. You saved 10 (or more) minutes.  Enjoy your stress-free ride home and dont forget to thank technology.

5:40 PM. Your flight lands at SFO (or your crew shift is over)

6:00-6:21 PM  We track how much time you'd take to reach the curb using sensors and other passenger statistics  (kinda like Waze traffic prediction)

6:21 PM  We message you the door number where you can board your ride comfortably.

6:30 PM You arrive at the selected spot.  Our "human-friendly-human"  greets you and shows you  your ride.


How it works?


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We are currently operational only in SFO. If you'd like us to come to your airport soon or franchise, contact us. 


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